Welcome to the Cowichan Biodiesel Co-op

"We eat locally, and so do our cars" is the Cowichan Bio-Diesel Co-op's (CB-DC) motto. Currently, our 200 plus members have easy access to 100% Bio-Diesel (B100), as well as B50 and B20 blends of Bio-diesel made from locally recycled waste cooking oil, and produced right here in the Cowichan Valley.

CB-DC's waste oil is collected from local restaurants who use vegetable oil. They are part of our Eat Better Locations program. It's a win-win situation, because when we EAT BETTER, our vehicles SMELL BETTER. Better because biodiesel is more environmentally friendly than regular diesel. Better because our B100 is all biodiesel, not blended with petro-diesel like commercial sources. Better because the life-cycle carbon emissions are lower and the exhaust fumes are less toxic. Better because we don't compete with food crops, we recycle waste streams into clean-burning sustainable fuel. Better because we believe in creating a healthy alternative and sustainable fuel loop in British Columbia. 

Pump Location
CVRD Solid Waste Management Facility
3900 Drinkwater Road, Cowichan Valley (Duncan),
Vancouver Island, Canada.

If you have questions, please check out our FAQ or email info@smellbetter.org.

Joining the Co-op

You can join the co-op online! After you watch the online orientation video and read our Biodiesel FAQ, you can head down to the pump to fill up! If you have questions before you're ready to join, please email us and we'll do our best to help you out!

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